Governor Bevin: Fayette Co. Schools use of dollar bill to display 'In God We Trust' is robbing students

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A framed dollar bill in Fayette County Public Schools is continuing to draw reaction.

'In God We Trust' is displayed at all Fayette County Public Schools (Brittany Pike)

The display is the school district's way of meeting a new Kentucky law requiring schools to prominently display the national motto "In God We Trust".

While some are in favor of the approach others believe the district leaders are "playing political games".

"We got wind that some school districts might take a loophole way out and they might do the minimum. That is okay, they aren't in violation but it is sad to see. It is our national motto, it is not something we should be ashamed of," said Rep. Brandon Reed (R-Hodgenville).

Rep. Reed was the main sponsor of the bill that is now law.

"In a lot of other states that have passed this the students have taken initiative to make some really creative artwork and that was the intent with this," explained Rep. Reed.

The framed copy of a dollar bill is a much different approach than others seen across the state.

Fayette County's Superintendent Manny Caulk released an additional statement today in response to some of the feedback they've received. That statement reading in part:

"As a student of history, I am disappointed to hear Fayette County's compliance with the state law requiring the display of our nation's motto described as a loophole. Our actions are not part of a political game as Rep. Reed suggested. We have taken our lead from the members of the 84th United States Congress, who passed a joint resolution on July 11, 1955 determining that the most appropriate and enduring placement of the national motto was on all U.S. currency and coins. How can that display, used daily in commerce, be acceptable and ours considered unfortunate and silly?"

Governor Matt Bevin who happily signed this bill into law weighed in on the use of a dollar bill to fulfill the requirement:

"People who try to undermine the intent of something are only robbing their own students of the significance of understanding the importance of God in this nation's history and the importance of our currency quite frankly."