Governors clash over Kynect, insurance law

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LEXINGTON, Ky., (WKYT)- The reverberations are still being felt as two Kentucky governors clash over health insurance.
Former Governor Steve Beshear announced an initiative to take on current Governor Matt Bevin's proposed take-down of the state's insurance exchange, Kynect.
Beshear's son, Attorney General Andy Beshear, spoke out Friday against the new administration's role in the debate over an insurance beneficiary notification law.
The new Insurance Commissioner dropped the state's legal defense of a consumer-protection law intended to help life insurance beneficiaries.
The Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act requires insurance companies to make "good faith efforts," using public death records, to determine if policyholders have died so their benefits can be paid.
"In looking at all the legalities of this, the appeals court has ruled that what was required, which was a retroactive application of the law, violated the law," said Governor Bevin.
Attorney General Andy Beshear blames the Department of Insurance with dereliction of duty.
"Pretty much in the dark of night, the Department of Insurance under this new administration totally dropped the suit and the Supreme Court dismissed it," he said. "I can't let that happen."
Beshear spoke with Bill Bryant's Kentucky Newsmakers program.
He addressed the current feud taking place between his father and the current governor.
This is what both had to say about their feelings on Bevin's proposal to dismantle the state's exchange Kynect.
"This is not about Bevin and Beshear," said Beshear. "This is about Kentucky families and their desire to have affordable healthcare. I'm fighting to make sure that the vast progress that's been made doesn't go away."
Bevin has a different take on how to make healthcare affordable for a majority of Kentuckians.
"My job is to clean up the mess that has been left for me," he said. "There have been years of problems in the making, a disregard for the funding of our pension plans. This decision made arbitrarily, unilaterally, to expand Medicaid, bypassing the legislature, disregard completely how to pay for it."
As far as the Attorney General's role in this...
"There may be a lot of legal hurdles for the administration, I'm sure that they are looking at those and they will be following those. My sole job is to make sure that everyone follows the law."
Governor Bevin's office did not comment on the 'dereliction of duty' comment made by Andy Beshear.

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