Graffiti on I-64 overpass angers police, community members

The message was painted on the Alta Vista overpass near Cannons Lane. (Photo: WAVE3)
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – An anti-cop, anti-capitalist graffiti message on an I-64 overpass has drawn criticism from local police in Louisville.

According to television station WAVE3, the message was painted on the Alta Vista overpass, near Cannons Lane Saturday.

A Facebook post from the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police reads, “What a shame to see this on a bridge over I-64 in Kentucky! We know we have supporters all across this great Commonwealth, but we recognize there is a constant threat of a few that quite literally want to ‘kill cops.’ While we find that a bit discouraging, we will continue to protect and serve as we do every day!”

The Louisville Metro Police Department was made aware of the message, which was being cleaned off Saturday night.

Metro Councilman Anthony Piagentini tweeted out his support of police after seeing the image. “If you wear the uniform, know this, the vast majority of citizens love you and support you. We have your backs because you have ours,” Piagentini said.

A statement was also released by Metro Councilman President David James calling on everyone in the community to support police all over Metro Louisville.