Lexington grocery stores taking steps to protect employees, customers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Grocery stores are among a few places that will remain open through the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the new safety protocols is lines of tape marking off 6' away from cashiers. (Photo: WKYT)

Because of that, stores are now taking steps to protect their employees.

Plexiglass, disinfectant spray, gloves are all items that being used or are about to be used at grocery stores across Lexington.

Regular grocery shoppers might have already noticed some of the items around their local stores.

That includes tape inside Kroger, marking off what 6 feet looks like when you stand in line, along with signs asking people to respect that distance.

“You’ll see that people crowd each other at the checkout lanes," says Kevin Hall from the Health Department. "Keep at least a cart distance between you so don’t get right upon them. Give them some space, the person in front of you will appreciate it just like you appreciate it from the person behind you.“

It’s all in an effort to of course protect everyone inside grocery stores, but also to care for those who are still working inside these stores, including cashiers, managers, and people stocking items on the floor.

While the measures taken to keep people healthy are never enough, health workers at the Lexington Fayette County health department say it’s definitely a strong step toward keeping people safe.

“ It makes sense to put some protection up so that people aren’t accidentally coughing, sneezing - even just talking, the virus can be spread because people spit when they talk - and you’re protecting that extra layer of those employees," says Hall, adding, “And, it goes both ways: it helps the protect the public, as well.“