Group offers training on Casey’s Law in Madison County

Photo: WKYT/Krista Frost
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – Since its implementation, Casey's Law has offered the family of those suffering from addiction a legal option to get their loved ones the help they need. But one group thinks it could be used more.

The groundbreaking law went into effect in 2004 and allows family members and friends to file paperwork requesting involuntary, court-ordered addiction treatment for their addicted loved one.

One of the biggest obstacles family members of the addicted face, however, can be figuring out where to start. That's why SPARK is holding training on the law in Madison County.

The training allows registered nurses, police officers, medical professionals, and family members to connect and receive the guidance they need to help their community.

"In 2017, I became the advocate for Powell County, and there had been 8 [Casey’s Law filings] done,” says founder of SPARK, Jenell Brewer. “Now, we have done almost 200, and we are at about a 47-percent success rate."

While the law was passed about 15 years ago some think it's been slow to catch on. Brewer says putting the paperwork into everyday people’s hands will help change that.

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