Group partners with Lexington businesses to make kid-friendly space

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For parents, going to a restaurant with little kids can be quite an ordeal. Now businesses are partnering with a non-profit to help give kids their own space.

"Kids just need to feel like they have power and space to be children. It's a really big world for them when everything is sized for adults, so it's really nice to have spaces where kids have something that looks like it fits them."

Teddy Salazar is a teacher at Lexington Friends Preschool. Over the weekend, the school delivered tables, decorated and inspired by students, to three Lexington businesses.

West Sixth Brewing is one of the businesses participating in the project. On Sunday, students used a unique, kid-friendly table to make and decorate cards for Valentine's Day.

"We have one table that is painted with acrylic paint, one table that's painted with oil pastels, and one table that the students actually glued leaves and sticks from our playground onto and then we coated it so that one is really really fun because it's kind of like your sitting on our playground with us," Salazar said.

On each table, there are quotes about building children up for the future. The special tables can also be found at Broomwagon and North Lime Coffee and Donuts.

"It's really nice to finally have the tables out on public and letting kids see their work has been really wonderful. They get really really excited when they see their finished tables."

Lexington Friends Preschool hopes to make more tables during their summer program and again next school year to deliver to even more businesses.

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