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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Thank you for visiting and for commenting on our stories. We keep our comment section open to allow our viewers the chance to discuss further and move forward conversations about stories of interest.

While we want to allow our visitors the opportunity to be open and honest with each other, it is important that those conversations be stimulating and civilized.

Your comments are important to us, but please know that we will not allow or tolerate behavior that is off-topic, offensive or otherwise hateful. We understand that people have strong feelings. Heated discussion and debate are welcome, but we will at our discretion distinguish between intelligent and abusive discussion.

We have moderators in place to help be the arbiters of various discussions and to make sure users stay on topic. These moderators perform their duties on a voluntary basis, without being compensated for their efforts. They have the authority to delete offensive or inflammatory comments and issue a 24-hour ban on any user who violates our policies. If the moderators feel further action is needed, they will refer those issues to the digital team at WKYT for further discussion of a permanent ban. WKYT reserves the right to ban any user who management feels is not upholding the standards of our online discussion community, or who consistently violates our guidelines and policies.

Above all else, we want there to be good dialogue on the stories. Be civil. Make your point without being rude, mean and disrespectful.

Should you have questions, you can email (NOTE: We will not always enter into discussion with every user affected by moderation, be it a deleted comment or a banned user.)


• Personal attacks; persistent trolling; attacking, harassing, or threatening other users. (If someone made that comment to you and you would find it to be hurtful, then don't say it to someone else. Don't be a keyboard hero. Hiding behind a username can sometimes make people a little bold; always remember there is someone on the other side of the screen and that your words can affect people.)

• Racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech

• Content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening

• Posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like

• Lewd, inappropriate, or offensive language; Spelling out profane words with dashes or symbols is not acceptable.

• Impersonating other people

• Shadow profiles; users who maintain multiple profiles

• Inflammatory comments specifically referring to people who are not public figures or specifically naming a business.

• NEW: To better control trolling on the site comments will be limited to 20 comments per day for each user. Please use your comments to make thoughtful input to discussions as described above. Please keep track of your comment count. If you are found to have gone over the limit a 24-hour ban will be placed on your ID. The third ban for going over the limit will result in a permanent ban. Please don’t bother counting or reporting on the number of comments of other users. The moderators can do that easier including those that may have been deleted. We hope this change will result in an improvement in the overall quality of the site. Thank you for your cooperation.

BOTTOM LINE: We will delete comments that add no value to the discussion or that are merely insulting without exception.

NOTE: These guidelines may be revised or updated at any time, without notice.