Gun control bill introduced to Ky. House

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Lawmakers announced they have introduced a gun control bill to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Democratic representative George Brown Jr. is the sponsor of House Bill 502. All co-sponsors of the bill are Democrats.

The bill has a number of requirements, some of which include banning guns on all college campuses, banning the sale of bump stocks, and allowing local governments to implement firearm regulations, such as banning guns in libraries or city council meetings.

Other provisions include requiring the safe storage of guns using locks or safes if children are nearby, requiring judges to deny defendants access to their guns if they are either convicted, or use the defense of insanity in a criminal case, and this bill would increase penalties on some crimes committed using a gun.

“Young people in states across the nation, including Kentucky, are speaking out on the need to be kept safe,” said Rep. George Brown Jr., D- Lexington, the sponsor of the legislation, House Bill 502. “This bill listens to their voices and offers solutions to stop gun violence.”

Rep. Brown compared the call to action by young people to another movement in our nation's history.

"The Civil Rights movement was led and pushed out there by children and young people. I think we are at a crossroads and we are going to deal with what is happening in america in terms of guns and common sense legislation."

Another co-sponsor of the bill, Rep. Jim Wayne D-Louisville said, “We can take sensible steps to prevent mass killings while also safeguarding the 2nd Amendment."

Rep. Brown acknowledged that the bill currently only sponsored by democrats likely has an uphill climb ahead.

"It doesn't mean you don't do it because it might not be heard or it might not pass ... that's not the reason for doing it. The reason for doing it is because it is the right thing to do," said Brown.

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