Harrodsburg residents upset about damages left from sewage line repair

Published: Jul. 26, 2018 at 5:23 PM EDT
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A job that started back in October 2017 has grown into a problem for homeowners living on College Manor in Harrodsburg.

City officials had hired contractors to replace an aging sewage line running through the neighborhood, but in order to install the new pipes, they had to dig through a few lawns.

John Harris is just own of the homeowners whose yard had to be excavated in order to install the new pipes. He says the job is still not done, and he’s upset about what the crews left behind.

"It’s just rough and bumpy, you know, and it's got weeds and stuff growing up in it,” Harris said of his yard. "And they promised that when they come back, they would fix it just like it was, and it's not. It's not. You can look at it and see what kind of job they did."

Harris, along with another neighbor, attended this week’s commission meeting in hopes of discussing this issue with city leaders.

"We said we just want it, you know, back like they promised they would do it, and they said they will,” Harris said. “They also said they will probably hold up the contractors’ money until the job I finished."

Commissioner Charlie Mattingly says the contractors have been made aware of what needs fixed, and the city plans to hold a progress meeting with them next week. City officials also say for the last month, contractors have been working hard to restore the lawn, but the heat has made it difficult.