Search continues for missing guinea pig in Danville

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A guinea pig is still missing nearly a week after it was stolen from a Danville pet shop.

The search continues for a guinea pig stolen from a Danville pet shop. (WKYT)

Police say two people went into Pet Paradise, took two guinea pigs and tried to leave without paying for them.

While in the parking lot, police say one of the women threw one of the guinea pigs at the store clerk, and the other drove over the store clerk's foot with her car.

One guinea pig was found and is okay. The other is still missing.

Danville Police arrested 21-year-old Isabelle Mason and 19-year-old Jaimee Pack and charged them with shoplifting, robbery, and cruelty to animals. Mason is also charged with wanton endangerment.

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