Heat keeping horse farms on high alert

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- With heat comes some extra precautions for humans as well as some four-legged creatures in the horse capital of the world.

Cropped Photo: Courtesy: USMC / MGN

Three Chimneys Farm holds 200 horses inside the 1,000-acre facility. During the heat of the summer months, the staff is ensuring they stay safe and healthy just as much as the horses.

Sandy Hatfield is just one of the workers on the farm, and she says watching the animals for heat illnesses is similar to watching people.

“One thing you have to watch is make sure they do sweat. Like people, some animals don't sweat. Like a person who doesn't sweat, you do have to be careful and keep them inside. You have to put water on them to keep them cool.”

She says foals, like children, can be hard to keep track of to make sure the animals are drinking water.

“The babies, foals, weanlings come up in the morning and get time to rest and rejuvenate, get some fresh water before we turn them back out, but they love to be outside. They run around and play.”

Water is also considered a necessity on the farm to maintain the health of all the horses.

“They handle it pretty well as long as you have clean, fresh water for them to drink out in their paddocks and their fields. We check it at least once, maybe twice a day. We have automatic waters that refill.”

Hatfield says with the heat, all they can do is sit and watch to ensure the health is top notch for the hundreds of horses.

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