Heavy rain causes flooding in Clay County

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - People in Clay County are dealing with a lot of high water, and more rain is coming down.

Flooding in Clay County, Ky.

"I've been here for thirty years and I’ve never seen a rain like that,” Ken Bolin says as he remembers Sunday night’s storm. "Drains are full, water table is high, and everything is just saturated."

Bolin is the director of the homeless shelter, Warm Souls for Worn Soles. He says it rained enough to flood the shelter, forcing it to close for a couple nights.

Bolin says this flooding has brought the community together though. People staying there were given hotel rooms, and volunteers have helped to sweep, squeegee, dry, and bleach the floors.

He and others say they’re worried about the next big rain coming soon. "If we get a similar rain as we did this morning, it's going to be bad."

Some homes in the area are already surrounded by water. Josh Hollingsworth says the land around his house usually floods, and he hopes the water doesn’t get inside. “It makes the yard terrible."

Bolin says the shelter is expected to reopen in two days.