Help arriving for people impacted by Whitley County flooding

WHITLEY CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Rain is falling again in southeastern Kentucky where some are still reeling from last week’s flooding.

Cedar Ridge Ministries is expected to play a very important in the county's relief effort. (WKYT)

Emergency management officials say it's too early to tabulate how much damage they will have, but they say it will be a lot.

The good news is that the water is receding from what we saw on Saturday, but it is raining again and more rain is expected by the middle of the week.

Many people lost a lot, and relief groups such as Cedar Ridge Ministries have been busy.

The group's director, Keith Decker, told WKYT they are getting supplies in and will be a central location for relief in the coming days

Cedar Ridge is a drop off center for donations and Decker says he's seeing a lot of good amid the bad.

“Somebody’s family got impacted by this," Decker said. "Churches and individuals are coming together and saying, 'hey, we want to show we care.'”

The emergency management director says one of the big problems they are seeing now is not water in homes, but water closing roads and leaving people trapped.

Some of those people are having to have supplies boated in.