Henry Clay High School to receive major safety upgrades

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Some big security changes are coming to one Lexington high school in light of growing concerns about school safety.

Henry Clay High School has announced it plans to install metal detectors in the school building by March 2019. Henry Clay High School will follow in the footsteps of Lexington’s Frederick Douglass High School and Dunbar High School.

While these changes are expected to take some getting used to, some parents of students are welcoming the changes.

“When you love a child, you worry about them,” said Charles Stivers. “It's worth it. School safety is a main priority for everybody. It should be, and I'm for it.”

Once the new metal detectors are installed, students will only be able to enter the building from two locations, and they will have their backpacks searched as they do so.

This could mean some big changes for students in their everyday lives

Students will soon be issued an official ID card and all doors will have an active alarm installed in January. That means students will no longer be able to eat lunch outside.

In an email to parents the Henry Clay High School Principal acknowledged that these changes will take some time to get used to, but are well worth it.

Fayette County Public Schools hopes to have the metal detectors installed in all of its high schools by Spring Break. Metal detectors will be in the works for the county’s middle schools next year.

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