Herald-Leader cartoonist among journalists celebrating Sunshine Week

Published: Mar. 15, 2017 at 4:58 PM EDT
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Journalists across the nation are celebrating Sunshine Week. Each year, the press marks the occasion to celebration the freedom of the press and the fight for government transparency. Joel Pett with the Lexington Herald-Leader sums it up quite well.

"Sunshine Week is journalism trying to make sure everybody else understands that we're in this constant battle for information. Information is power and powerful people don't want to give it up."

Pett is an award-winning editorial cartoonist whose job revolves around holding the powerful accountable for their actions, one of the cornerstones of true journalism.

"The democracy functions now more than ever on information, and we need it," Pett said.

Jack Ohman with the Sacramento Bee says that while the news changes from one minute to the next, their job, and role in society remains consistent.

"I think cartoonists are doing the same thing we've been doing for hundreds of years in a lot of ways, the technology has changed it somewhat, but the message is absolutely the same."

Both Pett and Ohman agree Sunshine Week is a reminder that journalists must continue fighting for free speech protections and government transparency.

"People deserve information, and governments state local federal instinctively don't want to release it," Pett said.

"Sunshine Week" runs through Saturday.