Here's what could happen if lawmakers don't approve a budget this week

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Lawmakers don't have much time left to pass a budget because they have one final work day in the legislative session that ends on April 15.

The president of the Republican-controlled Senate met with other Republican leaders on Monday to discuss the options left on the table for the budget. House Democrats were also working in the capitol on Monday but their schedules weren’t available.

Late Sunday night, House leaders tried to push back their last work day, which is scheduled for Tuesday, so they would have more time to approve a budget. However, the Senate said Tuesday would be their final day.

If nothing changes, lawmakers won't have enough time to pass a budget before the end of the general assembly.

While the House and the Senate have agreed on a 4.5 percent spending cut for public colleges and universities, they are now deadlocked over how much money should put toward the state's 30 billion dollar pension debt.

If a budget isn't passed by Friday, Governor Matt Bevin could call a special session that would cost taxpayers $63,000 a day or he could choose to operate with limited funds.

According to court rulings, if a budget is not approved, the state's expenditures could be limited to funds outlined by constitutional mandates, statutory mandates or federal mandates.

A partial government shutdown would be triggered if there is still no budget by June 30.

Important agencies could be shut down if the budget impasse stretches to July

The list of agencies that could be affected by a partial government shutdown include state police, veteran's nursing homes, vehicle enforcement, road construction projects, the economic development cabinet, the medical examiner's office and public colleges and universities.

Some lawmakers think they can approve a budget before a partial government shutdown or a costly special session, however, others don't think they will reach a compromise, saying the budget committee is snagged in a complete stalemate.

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