Historic Eclipse leads to epic traffic jam

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HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT)- The historical eclipse in Hopkinsville provided memories for everyone attending and one mega traffic jam.

The drive home for the hundred thousands of Eclipse viewers took several times longer than anticipated thanks to the crowd all trying to leave at the same time.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the traffic coming to the eclipse was not as congested because of people listening to their advice and showing up well in advance.

As soon as the totality ended however, they say traffic became extremely congested because of the volumes of vehicles on the road.

"It's not that the pavement or the bridges can't withstand the volume. It's just for traffic flow purposes," says Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Spokeswoman Andrea Clifford. "We don't have as many lanes as you would want to have to keep traffic flowing at 55 miles per hour."

Highway crews say many people stayed the night in Hopkinsville and decided to leave Tuesday morning. On Tuesday they said they are experiencing some road congestion from those travelers as well.

Transportation officials say they are not aware of any major crashes in Kentucky as a result of eclipse traffic.

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