Homeless outreach programs in Lexington set to discuss winter concerns

While the worst of winter weather is yet to come, one Lexington homeless shelter is already maxed out, with beds and warmth being in high demand.

Administrators with the Catholic Action Center say increasing homeless populations may make this upcoming winter one of the most difficult in years.

"The increase that we are seeing this year is...you know, startling," said Ginny Ramsey with the center. They are seeing an increase in new faces, and administrators believe they will stay packed for some time.

Adult sized coats, hats, and scarves are already being collected to help keep everyone warm, as nightly reservations for their beds stay at full capacity.

Administrators say they will be meeting with other organizations this upcoming week to form a game plan on how they will tackle the increased demands, as freezing conditions inch closer.

"We're having a good meeting this week to try to discern how everyone is going to handle this winter," said Ramsey.

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