Homeless shelter leaders hold meeting to discuss winter plans

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Leaders with multiple homeless shelters in Lexington sat down together on Friday to discuss plans for winter and overcrowding in the shelters.

The Catholic Action Center says they have already seen overcrowding first hand in the shelter. On Tuesday, the center housed over 150 people although they only have beds for 130.

The trend isn't just seen in the Catholic Action Center. Multiple other shelters came forward expressing the same problems pushing all the shelters into holding a meeting to discuss the winter game plan.

"Instead of having lots of other groups that are talking about angles that we all have to deal with," says Catholic Action Center Director Ginny Ramsey. [We] focus on the shelters and the community here as far as how we can be most efficient together."

The office of Homeless Prevention, Salvation Army, HOPE Center, and many other shelters came together to discuss the plan.

The groups also discussed what needs to be done before the brunt of the winter weather hits the Bluegrass.

"We needed to set up a way that it works for everyone and how we can be sure our brothers and sisters on the street are safe during the severe weather this winter," says Ramsey.

Along with the shelters, members of city government also attended the meeting including the Lexington Fire Department and the Sheriff's office.

They plan to have another meeting in January.

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