House band, musicians at Renfro Valley fired over the weekend

Published: May. 1, 2017 at 12:34 PM EDT
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Some well-known musicians are losing their jobs at a famous Kentucky venue.

The band leader at Renfro Valley says the owners fired her on Saturday night.

Kricket Reynolds says she and at least seven others received a short letter from Howard Thomas with Old Barn Entertainment stating their services were no longer needed.

"We had played a show Thursday night, a show Friday and a show Saturday, and then we were handed the letter Saturday night after the show. None of us knew anything about it at all," Reynolds said. "The entire band, and let me make this clear, was fired. This was not a layoff."

Reynolds says Thomas asked the musicians to take all of their equipment and personal items with them.

The musicians said some of them have played for Renfro Valley for more than 50 years.

Reynolds says they have hired legal counsel because they believe what happened to them was not legal.

WKYT's Phil Pendleton reached out to Renfro Valley for comment but was told the office manager would not be available until Tuesday.