How to save money while shopping for the holidays

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - Christmas is 48 days away. Some of you have probably already started shopping.

But how do you avoid overdoing it? Our financial expert Matt Dicken from Strategic Wealth Designers has some tips to make sure holiday shopping doesn't get out of control.

1. Online shopping
If you're an online shopper, don't even think about buying something until you've gone through The website is free and will give you cash back at your favorite stores like Kohl's, Target, CVS or Amazon.

You can save 10-15% in cash-back just by going through their site. If you want that brand new flat screen at Christmas, it could give you $100 or more back in your pocket.

2. Gift cards
Don't walk into a store to purchase gift cards. They are super popular at Christmas, so instead go to and you can buy that Starbucks or Cold Stone Ice Cream card for 25% or even 35% off the cost you would pay in store for the same value.

3. Make a budget
Don't wait until the sales hit to decide who gets what and how much you're willing to spend on them. If you wait, your spending will go higher as you feel pressure with time running out before the big day.

4. Remember who you're shopping for
It's really easy to want to treat yourself to something in the moment. That new leather couch or Ipad might seem perfect for you, but come January your credit card company will be calling.

5. Get creative
Make something for those that you care about. Maybe it's holiday treats, or an art project or you draw a caricature for your grandparents. These types of gifts take time, but typically not much money to do.

If you have a financial question or ideas for saving money, send an email to and we'll talk about it on WKYT Midmorning.

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