In case of emergency: First responders inspect MASH equipment at Blue Grass Airport

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Structures were set up, and basics broken down, as first responders and healthcare professionals got an up-close look at emergency equipment in a non-emergency setting on Thursday.

Photo: WKYT/Kristen Kennedy

"Preparedness is the goal, and coming out here and actually setting up the equipment to be prepared for when we need to use it, then we will know how to use it," says Kennith Kik, Bluegrass Healthcare Coalition Coordinator.

Kik and the coalition set up the event as an opportunity to network, and to see the type of equipment counties can use if disaster strikes.

"That disaster could be a major disaster, like what they've had in Missouri with the tornadoes, or as small as an apartment fire where the Red Cross sets up a shelter and we can bring our shower trailer out to assist them with that."

First responders talked with WKYT about the importance of seeing this equipment, getting familiar with it before it's needed.

"We have trailers that are set up for mass sheltering or what we call an alternative care site where we can set up a small mini treatment hospital at a scene."

The equipment is available for all 17 counties in the Bluegrass Healthcare Coalition, which is made up of hospitals, EMS and fire crews, and long-term care facilities.

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