Final preps underway ahead of Inauguration Day in Frankfort

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Preparations for Governor-Elect Andy Beshear’s inauguration began this weekend with decorations, platforms and technical components being brought in to be checked ahead of Tuesday.

Beshear announced weeks ago he wanted the inauguration to center around the theme "Team Kentucky," allowing much of the day to be accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

“I think that’s probably one of the big differences this time around, is that everything all of the inaugural events, even those which in the past have been somewhat limited to the public, all of them are open this time around,” said Program Coordinator of the Inauguration Kenny Bishop.

Bishop has worked the last four Kentucky governor inaugurations and tells WKYT this one will be very different.

“This year, we’ve built the platforms so it tiers down toward the audience and then we built the audience seating up higher,” Bishop said.

Bishop and several teams of workers began bringing in items Saturday morning to have much of the hard work completed before state workers come back to the Capitol for work Monday. Many of the workers said they were happy to get to work early in hopes of setting up in mild weather compared to what is expected Monday and Tuesday.

You can find a full schedule of events and information here.

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