Inmates charged with arson after fire set at detention center

Daniel Biddle (l,) and Joseph Webb (r.) (Photo: Wayne County Detention Center)
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MONTICELLO, Ky. (WKYT) – The Wayne County Sheriff is investigating after two inmates reportedly set a fire at the county’s detention center.

According to the Sheriff, deputies were called out to the facility Saturday night just before 9:30 p.m.

Deputies say they reviewed video surveillance and conducted a search of the cell area where the fire was started. As a result of the investigation, two inmates at the center – 28-year-old Jeffrey Webb and 29-year-old Daniel Biddle were charged with arson.

According to investigators, Webb and Biddle placed a jump suit and a blanket into a cloth bag, and then used an electronic cigarette to light the fire. The fire was lit in an area of the detention center where state inmates are housed.

In addition to the arson charges, Webb and Biddle also face hundreds of counts of wanton endangerment in the case, one for each of the 212 other inmates and four employees who were in the detention at the time of the fire.

No injuries were reported in the fire.

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