'It's a miracle' says daughter of Tenn. utility worker injured by electric shock

Mike Bavousett was seriously hurt by an electric shock while replacing lines in a bucket truck, but he is expected to live. (Source: Micha Bavousett)
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CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) - A utility company in Tennessee said a worker was seriously hurt by an electric shock while replacing lines in a bucket truck.

Clinton Utilities Board said he was transported to University of Tennessee Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

A woman posted on Facebook to identify the man as her father, Mike Bavousett.

"Some of his body was burned from the electricity," wrote Micha Bavousett. "It went through his stomach and out of his shoulder. BUT they said he is alert and is going to be ok."

Micha Bavousett told WVLT News that doctors expect Mike Bavousett will be fine, but they will keep him in the hospital for a couple of days to be sure.

"It's a miracle the electricity missed his heart," said Micha Bavousett. "I'm sure the recovery won't be too easy so please still keep praying for him!! Thank you all!"

She said doctors told her that her dad has flash burns on his stomach and arms.

Clinton Police confirmed they are investigating after a call came in about the accident on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said no was else was hurt, and no one in the immediate area was in any danger. They responded to the incident for safety reasons.

The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration said they were notified about the incident and they started an initial investigation into what happened leading up to the accident.

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