Here's why the water level is down at Jacobson Park Lake in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People have been noticing lower water levels at the Jacobson Park lake in Lexington, but it's not necessarily due to our hot and dry conditions.

For central Kentucky, the water supply is just a game of give and take.

"Lexington is actually one of the larger cities in the United States that is not on a major body of water," said Susan Lancho, the external affairs manager for Kentucky American Water, a water utility company.

The company relies on three sources: two plants at the Kentucky River, not the Ohio River, and Jacobson Park.

"There are two sides of that reservoir, one is at Jacobson, the other is at Ellerslie Fishing Club "

Even though the Jacobson Park lake is a fishing and recreation spot, it is still a big source of drinking water for the half a million customers needing it.

The company draws more or less from each spot for different reasons.

"If we're doing maintenance work on one of those treatment plants and we need to lower the production level for a bit, or even take it offline completely, we can do that because we have these other plants," Lancho said.

She said she doesn't foresee any chance of water restrictions in the near future.

A growing population means higher demand and the weather isn't always helpful.

"During times like this when we're using a lot of water during dry conditions, we have ample water supply," Lancho said.