Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Average Summer sizzle

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It is July! That naturally means that we are going to see highs running around the upper 80s with heat index values in the 90s.

The next few days have the same look that one should expect for July. Nothing out of the ordinary to see highs around 85-90 and Heat Index values that run 90-95. You will see this throughout most of our 7-Day forecast.

A cold front will move in tonight. It brings showers & storms as it makes it passage. These aren't an intense line of strong to severe thunderstorms. What we see is a broken line of some gusty storms moving through the region. I am not even talking about anything strong, just gusty. You might find one or two that bring gusts around 30 MPH or higher. Nothing to be concerned about.

Once we get on the other side of the front, you will see that highs will be around 80-85. It takes a nice little bite out of our highs. The most important factor for winning the battle is beating the humidity too! It loses and its a non-factor on Wednesday. It will increase a little on Thursday, but overall, it isn't a major issue!

Our weekend features showers, storms and heat! It will lock in from Friday through Tuesday. Once we get beyond day in our forecast, the pattern tries to flip back to a milder one. We will keep our fingers crossed for that!

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