Jim Caldwell's Forecast | A dry & warm few days

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It looks like temperatures will stay down to near normal levels again today. Most of you will see highs at some reasonable levels this afternoon. Those numbers will come in around 73-78 degrees. Sunshine should make a decent return to the skies and have fewer battles with cloud-cover.

Tuesday & Wednesday are days that I am finding a few more issues. In my gut, I think that we are rain-free until Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The European Model agrees with me, and I think it has a better handle on this situation. Rain will be close and riding just to our north along another frontal boundary. It keeps us on the warm side. Highs will be running around 80 to 85 degrees during the day.

A stronger push of showers & storms will roll in by Thursday. Our widespread chances will bring temperatures down. It is another ugly run with showers & thunderstorms.

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