Jim Caldwell's Forecast | A windy, wet and cold end to the week

A wave of energy is driving some very chilly rain into the area today. Throw in the fact that it is already chilly and gusty winds are blowing into Kentucky... you get a Nasty day!

Rounds of chilly rain will be pressing through Kentucky. These rains will be associated with high winds and very chilly temperatures. It makes for a very uncomfortable end of the week. When these winds are considered, you will find wind chill readings running around the mid 30s today. Those numbers come in even lower tonight. You will find wind chill readings deep into the 20s and teens. I think numbers like that will be around while some snowflakes will be in town.

As this system pulls away, some snowflakes will likely fly through the sky. This isn't a big deal at all! The cold that remains in place will be the bigger deal. Most of the day will include wind chill readings hovering around the mid 20s. The rest of the weekend stays dry, but very cold. Temperatures should warm up a little on Sunday. Highs are back in the mid 40s.

The early week system is till looking like it can bring some rain and snow to Kentucky. There is still plenty of time for this to change. As it stands, we see rain move in on Monday. It changes over to snow during the nighttime hours. I think snow keeps coming through Tuesday evening. It could lead to some accumulation for the region. Keep it with us all weekend long for the latest snow projections.

Have a great weekend