Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Chilly June showers arrive

A new airmass is here and it looks chilly. Well... it looks chilly for June's standards. Normally, highs run around the low 80s for this part of June. I don't think that is possible with this air and the pesky showers. You will be lucky if you see 70. As this low spins around and around it will bring us some very light rain to the region. If it isn't raining, it could be misty for you. There is a small chance that you see a shower or two that might produce some small hail. I really feel that is possible with these.

There is a solid period that comes together on Friday through early Monday. Most of you will see sunshine and comfortable temperatures. It still looks like we see highs below normal. Most areas will be around 75-80 for both days.

I think a frontal boundary will stall out just north of Kentucky for late Saturday & Sunday. That is a setup that most of us are very familiar with around here. This will provide us with ample rain chances. It looks like the streak will continue all the way through next week. If you have outdoor plans for Father's Day, it might be a better idea to do something on Friday or early Saturday.

Have a great day!

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