Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Fall air blasts across Kentucky

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Fall air is finally here! We have been watching and waiting for this kind of push of cooler air and it finally happened.

We still have so many moving parts in this forecast. From the tropics to the major push of colder air. This has been an action-packed forecast. Let's break down each element.

One of the most intense hurricanes to ever strike the United States. It is still a factor south of Kentucky. It will continue to roll through the Carolinas and eventually back out to sea later today. It will no longer be a factor for us!

Major Blast of Fall
We have been watching this cold front for days. Behind this front we find Fall and Winter. All of the chills that you would expect this time of year have been stuck behind a ridge in the atmosphere. Now, a huge trough is about to dig into Kentucky and unleash the significantly colder air. This is just the first of 3 different cold air shots that will be digging into Kentucky through next week.

This first push brings highs down into the low and mid 60s today and into the mid 50s on Friday. We could start the morning off with a brush in the 30s. The weekend will include more chilly temperatures through the entire area.

Moisture form this, Pacific, storm will likely get in here on Sunday morning. Giving us a blanket of clouds and plenty of rain. There will be no chance to warm up at all. We will have the clouds and those tropical rains pressing through the area.

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