Jim Caldwell's Forecast | First shot of cooler air is here

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Temperatures will stay right around average for this part of the year. Many of you will see highs around the 38-43 degree range. Sunshine will be back in the sky, and all should be well. Yes, this is some cooler air! It just isn't anything significant.

Another wind/rainmaker will blast in on Friday and Saturday. You will hear gusts roar across Kentucky at around 30-40 MPH with some gusts that could be even higher. A solid shield of rain will occupy the skies on Saturday. It is apart of a much larger system. Behind that system, you will find highs running around freezing. Some of the lows will dip into the teens and wind chill readings flirting with the single-digit territory!

We'll be watching it.

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