Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | From Spring-like warmth to a winter storm threat

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - This run with the warmer temperatures will not be one that hangs around very long at all.

Temperatures have warmed and we are able to walk outside without having to wear a few layers. You’ll continue to experience that kind of warmth through at least Friday. Between now and Friday we will probably see highs reach the mid 60s at the peak of this streak. We’ll probably run into some scattered shower activity today and even more by the end of the week.

Once again, you didn’t come here mainly to see me talking about the nice warm stuff... you came here to figure out what’s happening with this next blast of cold air and snow. Right now, both of those elements look right on track. The cold will blast in here no matter what! Expect those thermometer readings to drop and in a hurry once it all begins. It is this airmass that will help make the transition to snow happen.

The snow... the reason you are here! Questions will continue to circulate around location and how much in said location. If this system ends up with an early arrival time, we’ll get in on some decent totals. If it slows some, by the time the main snow action gets here... it’s not quite as much. That’s my simple explanation for it. I’ll need a few more runs before committing to a total. Just be prepared to change your plans for the weekend. This has all kinds of potential! Another reason why we are taking our time and assessing the situation. We’ll keep you updated as the system evolves!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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