Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Now for some March ups and downs

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The pattern has had a whole lot of winter hanging around here lately. That's very typical of March. So are wild temp swings.

After these final flakes wrap-up this evening, expect the cold to begin to retreat... for a day! By late tonight, temperatures will begin to climb. The 6am temperatures on Thursday morning will probably be warmer than the 6pm temps today. A touch of some milder air will begin to run the show on Thursday. Many of us will see highs around the 50 to 55 degree range. Not bad, but very brief!

A cold front drops in on us on Friday. There is a shot that wee see a wintry mix early that morning, before it transitions to plain old rain. Temps will be split from north to south for most of the day. Just one of the reasons that we see that mix set-up across Kentucky.

It is this front that allows the cooler air to spill over into Kentucky. Chilly air will be here with us on Friday and Saturday. Before another shot of warm air on Sunday and Monday. Followed by another shot of cooler air on Tuesday. You follow all of that? haha! March in its truest form! A whole lot of ups and downs are coming our way.

Have a Great one!

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