Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Pattern shifts to wet

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A cold front that we have been talking about for a few days is about to run across the commonwealth. It will bring showers & storms to the region tonight. There is a chance that some of these could be strong or even severe. As this system pushes through the area, we will have some very gusty winds blow through too. Some of those gusts might not be considered strong, but they will be noticeable. I do believe that it will be one of those late evening/nighttime forecasts that we need to pay a little more attention to storms, but it shouldn't be a massive outbreak of rough weather.

Another wave of energy will keep showers lingering in central & eastern Kentucky on Friday and Saturday. There are some strong hints that we might not even reach the 50s on Saturday. That's how cool & dreary it looks for us. What is even more interesting (not a big deal at all, just interesting) is the small chance some of us could see a few flakes of snow. Those that see it are in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Still, it is worth noting since highs did reach the mid and upper 70s yesterday and will likely do it again today.

I still think that everything clears up for Easter.

Have a great day!