Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Showers lead to some colder air

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Once we get on the other side of this front, our temperatures will drop significantly. This isn't a significant rainfall event for us, but it is a nuisance! So the colder shot of air will be the issue that sticks around. Highs will run around the 50s today, the 40s tomorrow, and the 30s on Thursday. Those temperatures will eventually moderate by the end of the week.

Something interesting has started to show up again for tonight. The immediate backside of this cold front showed a light band of snow last week, and it is again! Over the weekend, the pattern lost the band of snow. It is back, and it could bring some very light snow as it passes tonight. It is something that we will watch closely.

Another element that has my attention is the passing of a southern system. An area of low pressure will be tracking through the deep south. There is an indication that some of the moisture will make it far enough north to impact some of us. This moisture arrives as our temperatures tank. When the cold air meets the moisture, it could lead to some light snow in southeastern Kentucky.

We'll be tracking all of that for you!

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