Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | Snow keeps flying this week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Now that the colder air has found us, let’s throw in some moisture to go with the cold.

Many of you will be tracking some light snow showers. These chances will continue through the day today and into tomorrow. I think there is enough moisture around that we could see some light accumulations. This might make for a trickier go on Wednesday morning for many of you. It only takes a little accumulation to get things out of whack. Snow should wrap-up by the afternoon and evening hours. If this happens, we should all be in the clear through Thursday night.

Some more flakes will fly between Thursday and Friday. This disturbance will possibly bring some lighter accumulations.

We should all watch the weekend closely. A southern storm system will be sweeping through the Gulf of Mexico. It will send moisture into Kentucky and that moisture could fall in the form of snow or even a wintry mix. This is one of those critical, “if it goes 50 miles this way it means...” systems. Someone likely sees a substantial amount of snow. But where does all of that snow fall? That’s what we will keep working on this week!

Have a great day.

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