Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | Snow potential grows for the weekend

After the cold air arrived for the middle of the week, why not add some moisture to the setup? We are about to do just that!

Before we being digging into the snow chances, let’s address the cold for today and Friday. A couple of reinforcing shots of even colder air will overrun the region on Thursday and Friday. These temperatures will likely keep highs in the 30s and wind chill readings, at the lowest point, near the single digits! In a year that hasn’t been one known for a lot of cold... that is the cold flexing some of its muscle!

The reason most people stopped by to read this article is right here in this paragraph. Snow chances! The next system that drops in on us with some snow with it will arrive on Saturday! As of this point, it looks like it gets here early on Saturday morning and continues through the day. Temperatures are gonna be cold and this system will have just enough moisture to get things going. It is this system that looks to bring our first chance of some light accumulations to Kentucky. Even with the throwing around of the term “light” it shouldn’t be taken lightly! Those kinds of totals for an early season system can cause just enough issues to get things started off on the wrong track.

After that system passes and gets out of here... the next stage begins to setup. At first it was somewhat of an after thought, but now it is becoming a little more aggressive. The snow bands behind the low (what are more commonly known as the lake-effect snow showers) are looming like they might linger longer than some of the earlier indications. Which might lead to even more accumulations for Sunday and that could lead to some interesting situations for Monday morning. Hmmmm...

Have a great Thursday!