Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Soggy end of the week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - I don't think that anyone will be surprised that we are once again tracking rain in Kentucky. It will be a messy day for most of us. I don't think that it is a total washout, but it will be pretty close. An area of low pressure will be passing right over us! This means that we will see rain and breezy conditions. Wind gusts will run between 20 & 25 MPH. Speeds like that aren't anything major and won't cause any significant issues.

Showers will linger in eastern Kentucky through the early morning hours on Saturday. It actually looks really nice for the afternoon and evening hours. Highs will probably come in around the 50 degree mark. You might even see an honest to goodness extended period of sunshine. This will carryover to Sunday.

The period of Saturday afternoon through Monday afternoon looks very nice. Late on Monday evening we will see showers push back into Kentucky. Those will come after highs max out in the 50s.

Have a great day!

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