Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Some winter signals are showing up

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We have a couple of chilly days this week, but the trend is looking much colder with some snowflake potential.

A disturbance might throw a few showers into Kentucky today. Most of it will be very light in nature. Some of you will never deal with anything falling from the sky. It's more about the clouds & cooler temperatures for most folks.

The next big player in our forecast will get here on Friday. We will begin seeing some hints of it late Thursday night. These cold showers will crank up on Friday. Highs will hover around 40 degrees. That means that we spend most of the day suffering through the very Cold November Rain. This system will begin to pull away on Saturday morning and when it does... you might see some flakes of snow flying through the air.

Our next SNOWMAKER will be here for Monday-Tuesday. It has potential to bring us some more snow flying through the air. It might even try to stick around. It is a very interesting set-up for us! It will be cold all weekend, so throw in snow with more cold and you might have some on the ground. A whole lot of winter will try to pile in here next week.

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