Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Still tracking snow chances

Many of us will see more snow showers today. The streaky accumulations will be possible.

Our March snow showers are expected again today. Just like with some of the snow showers that developed on Wednesday... some of today's will bring some quick light accumulations. Now that we have been colder for a day and some change, it will be easier to see some of that snow stick. Most of it will still be in some of the grassy areas, rooftops and cars.

The cold isn't getting a fair deal out of all of this. Even I am guilty of locking in on the snow chances. These temps have a whole lot of bite associated with them. I mean, we are talking highs around 35-40 degrees. We should be seeing highs in the low 50s! Daytime wind chill readings will show up in the 20s for most of the day today. You will even see those numbers dig deep into the teens during the overnight hours tonight.

Now for our tricky situation with Friday night/Saturday. There is a lot of indication that we could see some accumulating snows across parts of Kentucky. The accumulation would happen pretty quickly and might be a very intense band. It'll have to be to bring down some of the totals that happen during the window of time that we see it.

Then... there are some hints of Sunday looking a little more impressive. Still one to watch.

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