Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Strong to severe storms

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A round of strong thunderstorms will be moving into the region today. We have been tracking a massive storm system out in the Plains and now it will bring storms to us! Expect strong winds to begin blowing in out a head of this storm. It looks like we will see gusts come in around 30 to even 50 MPH at times. A lot of those winds will not be around any thunderstorms at all.

Once the actual storms get here on Thursday, expect some of those to bring strong winds in as the primary threat. Again, those gusts could reach speeds around the severe weather criteria of around 60 MPH. I wouldn't be shocked if we threw in a little isolated hail in a few of these storms. Isolated tornadoes will be possible when this system begins to move through the region.

Here’s a severe weather breakdown:
- Strong to severe thunderstorms
- Non-storm gusts 40MPH
- Severe criteria means 60MPH gusts likely
- Isolated tornadoes possible

I think temperatures will be running around 20 degrees below normal for highs. Some of those lows will be running around the 20s at night. That's a pretty cold run for this part of March.

Have a great day!

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