Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Temperatures surge ahead of another big system

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Jim Caldwell It was remarkably chilly for most of you. Afternoon readings were hovering around the upper 40s. A lot of our southern counties did reach the 50-degree mark and higher. It looks like everyone will see thermometers reach the low and mid-70s by the afternoon hours. Unlike yesterday, sunshine will be abundant from early on and lasting throughout the daylight hours. Wednesday has all kinds of warm potential. I suspect that 80 degrees will be pretty common out there.

As Thursday draws near, it is looking more and more likely that the late night hours could bring some troubles. Before that happens, it will be another warm and windy day. By that night, the cold front will finally be drawing near and bringing storms with it. There is some potential that we see severe weather develop late that night and into the first part of Friday.
I'll detail more of the threats after I have had more model runs to view.

Once this system pulls away, showers will linger in our skies. It looks ridiculously chilly with showers by Friday evening. Those cool showers will carry-over to Saturday. There is a good chance that you will not see highs get out of the low 50s. When you add the light rain to the equation, it gets nasty!

Enjoy today's sunshine!