Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Time for a wintry break

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The wintry nature of the pattern is about to back off for a few days. It's not a long break, but at least it is something.

Many of us will keep the threat of flakes around through the afternoon and evening hours. Most of the flakes will begin to disappear in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. That is the last little bit of this latest wintry round.

Expect temperatures to drop back in the teens for many areas in and around central Kentucky. It looks like this area probably dips into the teens while area across southern & eastern Kentucky will be a little "warmer" and I am using that term very loosely! Those locations might be hovering in the mid and upper 20s. Still downright cold for many of us!

Our pattern is pretty quiet on Thursday & Friday. The biggest difference between those two days? About 20 degrees for highs. Thursday keeps the colder elements alive and only reaches the low to mid 30s for highs. Friday will include highs in the low 50s! So there is the 20 degree difference. Very mild stuff comes our way on Friday.

Another system will work into Kentucky for Saturday. Rain will become more widespread by late in the day. We will keep rain around through Sunday. It will remain rain until the cold air catches up and that means.... wintry weather is back! See why I just called it a break for the wintry stuff?

Wednesday is here. That's all I can say for Wednesday!

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