Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Waiting for the pattern flip

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you think that 50 degrees is chilly... just wait for what comes this weekend and next week!

A big pattern flip is about to come together around here. Today's chill will be nothing compared what comes our way soon. Clouds will increase through the afternoon and evening hours. These clouds will lead us to some very chilly rain for Friday. A wave of energy will work right over us and bring some wind, rain and chilly temperatures. It looks like a very messy day! When the wind is considered into the equation, the wind chill could be around the low 30s through the day. At night, it could reach the teens at times! BRRRRRR

After that system pulls away on Saturday morning, another disturbance will trigger some snowflakes. It isn't an event that will really amount to anything. This system will just blow a few flakes through the sky and it is gone. The rest of the weekend remains very chilly, but dry!

That Monday-Tuesday situation looks like an event to keep watching. It starts with rounds of cold rains on Monday. The cold air catches up to those cold rains on the back side and that could lead to some snow and accumulations. We still have plenty of time before it gets here. We will keep watching this one very closely!

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