Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Wetter & cooler pattern settles in this week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After tracking strong storms that were along the cold front, we are now on the cooler side of things.

The catch with that front is that it isn't going too far at all. It will likely be lurking just to our south in Tennessee. As long as it is there, we will track round showers & storms. It keeps our pattern very unsettled. Showers & storms for today will completely wrap up. This will allow for the cooler air to enter the Commonwealth. Temperatures will have a split set-up on many days this week. Warmer to the south and cooler to the north.

Another wave of energy will move along the front on Tuesday. It enhances our chances of showers & storms. There could be some heavier rounds of rain roll through the area. Especially, across southern Kentucky. I think that area will feature the best chance of some heavier thunderstorm activity.

Our big issue to watch will be the mid-week rain chances. Will the front get far enough to the south to allow us some drying for a couple of days or will it keep chances alive? When I say some drying, I mean a good run that will last until the following Monday. Then I find other indications that rain will last until Friday and dry up for the weekend. The trend has been deepening the rain chances into the deep south. It is one will watch very closely all week.

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