Judge finds probable cause in Wayne County daycare abuse case

MONTICELLO, Ky. (WKYT) - A grand jury will review the cases of two Wayne County daycare workers accused of taunting a 2-year-old girl.

Arrest records say deputies arrested Diana Willett of Monticello and charged her with first-degree criminal abuse after a video surfaced of her shaking a doll at the small child while the 2-year-old was backed underneath a table. Deputies say Willett did this knowing the child had a fear of dolls and small animals. Authorities also charged Tasha Cox with failing to report abuse or neglect for recording the incident and posting it to Facebook.

During Myers' preliminary hearing, her attorney attempted to get the charge dropped. Private investigator Joey Hoover testified for the defense in a preliminary hearing, saying he didn't believe the child was being taunted. The daycare owner also testified that Myers was using a technique called redirect because the girl was upset over not receiving a second cupcake.

Deputy Jerry Coffman with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office testified that the Facebook video showed a child appearing to be trapped in a corner.

The judge said there is probable cause for second-degree criminal abuse as opposed to Myers' initial charge of first-degree criminal abuse.

Both suspects had not guilty pleas entered for them Monday morning during their arraignment. Cox will have her hearing on June 24.

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