KSP: Pursuit ends with officer-involved shooting in Scott County

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - What started as a pursuit by police, has ended with a deadly officer-involved shooting in Scott County.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Bernie Napier says overnight, a husband, Juan J. Godines, 34, held his wife against her will.

"This morning, the male subject dropped the female subject off at work and that's when she reported the domestic violence from the night before," noted Trooper Napier.

Law enforcement planned on charging Godines with domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. They were prepared to arrest him when he picked her up from work, but that's when troopers say he saw them, took off, and left a lot of damage, hitting multiple law enforcement vehicles.

Trooper Napier says Godines crashed his car on Midway Road, then took off running toward nearby Elkhorn Creek.

"My dogs started howling. About 15 minutes later, we heard sirens and lots and lots of gunfire going on behind the house back here. Back and forth gunfire," noted Lisa Savage. Savage wasn't sure what was happening behind her property. "We were scared. It's not uncommon, occasionally we will hear people hunting back there, but this sounded way more than just a hunter. It sounded back and forth and very close."

State Police say they shot and killed Godines. The Woodford County coroner says he died on the Woodford bank of the creek.

The coroner adds that an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday in Frankfort for Godines. The coroner says Godines suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

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