KSP closes investigation into Scott County Deputy Jaime Morales' shooting

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police says it has closed its investigation into a 2018 shooting which left Scott County Deputy Jaime Morales paralyzed.

Photo: Scott County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Morales was shot in the back while helping an investigation at a rest stop on Interstate 75 in September. The man police were trying to take into custody was killed in the shooting.

The report revealed details leading up to the shooting, including a call from a U.S. Marshal into dispatchers saying he saw a wanted fugitive.

"I've got a wanted fugitive, wanted for several bank robberies in Florida," the Marshal said.

He was talking about 57-year-old Edward Reynolds, who was wanted for multiple bank robberies in Florida. The call would lead to what ended up being a chaotic and tragic scene off Interstate 75, as a special response team deployed to the scene.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! Get EMS up to us now!" the call said.

Deputy Morales was one of seven riding in a tactical truck. The plan was to block in Reynolds' Ford Mustang at the rest area and surround him.

Authorities say one of the several witnesses parked at the rest area. Once law enforcement got to Reynolds' vehicle, he attempted to start his ignition. Deputy Morales would break the driver's door glass, but Reynolds would grab and load a gun. Other team members saw the same thing, and several started shooting at Reynolds, including Morales.

Reynolds was killed in the shooting, but it was revealed Morales was accidentally shot by another person in law enforcement. There was no evidence to suggest Reynolds fired his weapon.

Investigators said in the report they were unable to determine who fired that shot that hit Morales.

Morales continues his physical therapy as he recovers from the injuries he sustained in the shooting. He was doing Olympic laps in a pool on a video posted to Facebook in May.

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