Katie's Recovery: Georgetown girl's brave decision now inspiring others

Published: Jul. 4, 2016 at 3:07 PM EDT
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The parents of a young Georgetown girl say their daughter has made an amazing recovery following a lawn mowing accident.

When young gal pals get together you can count on a lot of laughs.

You could say 7-year-old Katie Eddington has some of the best friends who think the world of her.

"She is a good friend and she is really nice to me, I feel like she is a second sister,” said Addison Wilson, Katie’s friend.

In the last year Katie has taught her friends a lot.

"She has given me courage and she has inspired me to always have a positive attitude,” said Riley Ellison, Katie’s friend.

To look at Katie she is no different than her friends, if you look down though you see the reason she has been such an inspiration.

"This one has like flowers on it and matches down here and I just like all the colors right here,” said Katie Eddington, describing her leg.

Katie is lucky to be alive, in 2013 her dad accidentally backed over her with the lawn mower severely injuring her leg. She never once let it get her down, but she was limited in what she could do. She decided to have it amputated.

"Kate has been a very unique little kid in this, her recovery and her determination is really something,” said Russell Eddington, Katie’s father.

In December with her family by her side, Katie had surgery.

"We thought we would be there about five days, that’s what they told us," said Samantha Eddington, Katie’s mother.

The determined little girl had other plans, wowing nurses right after surgery and leaving the hospital in just two days. Once fitted with her new prosthetic, there was no stopping her.

"It’s the weirdest thing, It’s just like this was always her path to be or something. She just never did complain about it,” said Samantha Eddington.

Now she rides a bike, even swimming has been checked off the list, but there was one thing she really wanted to learn. And for that she has a special leg.

“So you just switched out legs, what does this one feel like compared to the other one?" said WKYT’s Amber Philpott.

"It feels different because it doesn't bend, its way bouncier because of the blade," said Katie Eddington.

"So how fast can you go?" said Philpott.

“Pretty fast,” said Katie Eddington.

Training for her first 5k, Katie has become serious, improving her running daily. Her gait might not look like other runners, but then again Katie isn't like most people. Her family has felt the love and support of so many since the accident and it has allowed them to have the courage to become advocates for safety when mowing.

"What I would ask people do is to take ten seconds, when you get on your mower before you start it up and say where is my kid? Is somebody watching him? Does my kid know a mower is dangerous, like you teach your kid to cross the road?” said Samantha Eddington.

Just a year ago life was still uncertain.

"I didn't know what was going to happen to us,” said Samantha Eddington.

Her daughter's strength has changed that.

"She is a fighter, I feel like all of us really survived this,” said Samantha Eddington.

Katie Eddington is now helping her family take life and run with it.

The Eddington's continue to use their story to try and help others. A national public service announcement with the organization Limbs Matter features the family who is now trying to spread the word about lawnmower safety. The Academy of American Pediatrics says 17,000 are sent to the emergency room each year because of lawn mowing accidents. To see that PSA click